Rules & Regulation

List of Holidays

Academic Session (2018-19)
S.No. Holidays Particulars Date
1. Summer Vacation 1/June/2018 to 10/June/2018.
2. Durga Pooja & Dusshera 16/Oct/2018 to 21/Oct/2018.
3. Diwali 6/Nov/2018 to 9/Nov/2018.
4. Christmas (Winter Vacation) 24/Dec/2018 to 26/ Dec/ 2018.


  • Dress wear of both boys and girls should be very simple and sober and well guided by the parents.
  • Any student will be detained from the Institute if found guilty in breaking Institute’s discipline / classroom’s sanctity.
  • Parking the vehicles/Cycles as per the guidelines given by us should be strictly followed in order the maintain convenience for all of us.
  • Prior intimation before taking Leave is essential.
  • In no case absenteeism will be tolerated, only in case of genuine problems that too if intimated through parents.
  • All the classes pertaining to Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics should be attended mandatorily, in no case selective attendance is permitted.
  • Regular attendance for the test conducted (Both weekly as well as Pre School exam Test) is a must.
  • Purchase of reference books as suggested by the teacher should be followed as far as possible.
  • Monthly Parents Teachers Interaction (Personal or Telephonic) Regarding Students Performance should be met cooperatively.

By Administration